24 febrero, 2012

"The Love and Hate story" by Diana Pérez

One day, Love wrote a letter and send it to Gale. She had been away pretty long because of work, during that time things had change a bit. Gale was really lonely, he even had change his name to Hate. 

When he got the letter he couldn´t believe what he was reading, but he didn´t want to feel happy about it. He hide it all, threw the paper away and got out of the house. He was remember what he has read while walking: "I´m coming home soon, can´t wait to see you again, Love". 

- Who cares if you go or you stay?, he said to himself, whatever. This new person, Hate, had a lot of friends. As he walked, he said hi to all, with a serious face. 

Meanwhile Love got in the plane. When she arrived home, she tried to find all of her friends back then, but she realized they were paying attention to Hate. Nobody noticed to Love, they had been waiting for her for pretty long... However, that didn´t bring her down, she went to her house, willing to see Gale again. 

She realized things had changed as soon as she got there. Things were messy and a little layer of dust covered it all. Gale wasn´t there, so she just sat and waited. He would be there soon, she knew it. 

Hate was really down, he walked hours throught the city, but nothing cheered him up. When he got tired of everything, he headed home. When he saw the house, suddenly he knew love was inside, there was something in the way it looked, that made him sure: "Love was still waiting, patient and kind". 

As soon hate saw her sit in the couch, with those beautiful eyes looking at him with no even a piece of madness, everything dissapeared; he was Gale again, there was no more anger.

- "I´m so sorry Love", he said. 

- "What for?", she replied, "I shouldn´t have been gone for so long. But i´m back, we´ll be together again". 

And that´s how our story ends. Love and Gale still are together. Sometimes, Hate shows up, but Love makes him go. 

Always remember, sometimes loneliness, pain or whatever, makes us turn to Hate, say hi to him , embrace him. That´s why we forget to pay attention to Love, who is always there, waiting patient and kind. HATING IS EASIER, LOVING IS PRETTIER. 

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